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Senior established creative coach/Founder Funark promote arts culture Bandabou

Asyla resides on the north coast of the island of Curaçao in countryside Bandabou (lowlands) in the area of Tera Kora (born in Cher Asiel -Willemstad in 1953) .

Her soul-creative practice is Art, Creative Writing and coaches diverse techniques in healing included self-help stretching besides her Art-programs. She expresses direct from her heart and includes her prose-issues in metaphor and metaphysical form. Besides this she is an Academical female, now a senior.

In past (60’s) Asyla was the only child in family showing interest for Yoga-techniques during sessions in family-meetings, also sketching. First her interest grew for body works while her stay in Holland (’69-’81) with family and took Egyptian Stretching Exercises incorporated with Gland and Breathing techniques and balanced nutrition from Mazdaznan philosophy. Later on in 1979 – Asyla would involve herself with Visual Arts classes at Centrum voor Schone Kunsten -now Academy of Visual Arts in Eindhoven.

When back home in Curacao- 1981, Arts continued to be more favored subject in her daily life while peddling to Bonaire island for kids programs/installation works (Flamingos coral stones sidewalks Kaya grandi).

Also a visit to Manhattan NY took place at Art Student League to enhance her skills in portraits/figurative art. Not until 1990 had the Holistic part been meaningful again and so Asyla ran off to the Netherlands while all along repeated visits to her former Art Center. And this time her concern to ‘Meridian studies’ and joining group sessions at the ‘Touch for Health’-center Hof van Axen in Drenthe relifted again.. The peddling back and forth to Europe those times included, be able to get the chances for Exhibition in Eindhoven, The Hague, Berlin and Bremen which were realized after. A last study visit was in 1999 and 2000 at Fontys-Tilburg for Conceptual Art included Textile, Performing, Photography and Art History and back to Curacao gave her the function as Art teacher at American Preparatory school for 4 years and Certified Therapy occupations from 2001 until 2018.  

These, settling back in Curaçao after millennium, proceeded in her pursues to benefit for later years. Also a Reiki Master became interesting and at Piramid Top-Curacao she was certified after Certified Massage Therapist at Massage Institute Curaçao.

With giving Arts/Craft-classes to the youth in Curaçao and Bonaire. Paintings, Jewelries and Booklets poetry were exposed at Galleries, Curaçao Museum, World Trade Center, and in Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, Barbados, Suriname, Holland and Germany. within 40 years time.

Rastro Group Exhibit 3 Aru/Anti and Essays slands/culture trips
prose book- tales/paintings

Asyla’s involvement with Prose writings started in 1981 while in Bonaire. Influential uplifting instincts were caught to mind and expressed rhythmically in poetry; In English language from her rooted parents from upper wind islands. On the lower part where she was born – they speak Papiamentu, native tongue. Her parents were immigrants from Saint Martin and Statia and the culture remained theirs. The English language influence proceeded in Asyla’s trainings and brought her finally to attending the Renaissance culture writing-circle in the USA in 2012 with Creative writing workshops organized by Callalloo in Rhode Island. This with donation from Prins Bernhard Fund. An Arts/Cultural trip beforehand resulted to Ghana in 2011/2012 and through these trips Asyla produced essays to remember; First the acquaintance with diaspora announcing historical side (‘Ghana through sunglasses) and in Rhode island first time being introduced with the Renaissance expressions in Prose. In 2013 with invite to Suriname Carifesta, an essay on ‘a fragment Visual Arts’ evolved. Suriname became a best return place to practice Batik and Sculpture studies afterwards. In 2017 her book Enliven Emotions were published in US whereas prose-writings were polished through Mr. Olivieira, from Suriname and first launch event took place there.

‘Direction’ Oil painting 2017


Today Asyla fuses Healing with Arts and Poetry. From being self realized established artist she now organizes, launches, fundraising campaigns with help from her founding Funark non profit Foundation. She also gave other artists/writers attention by offering a platform through interviews and articles in local papers via the Funark Foundation along with Art Markets, Gift Craft shows, next to her Solo and Group exhibits, Asyla, since 2018, commits herself to Community in Bandabou through Art Cultural Program while continues blogging and writing.

In 2015 she received an honoree award for her Community efforts in Caribbean at an event in Dallas-USA organized by L’Exposee and Diaspora ‘Heal the World Mission Inc. Also in 2019 a token from Suriname as a cultural-promoter.

With offering coaching programs, Asyla self- organizes demonstrations, presentations online and classes to kids/adults in the Country-side. Her wish is to realize Projects In-residency via her Funark Foundation and invite artists/writers and researchers for Project planning in Dutch Antilles and Community Programs.

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Donations are always welcome: via Western union to address: Asyla ten Holt-Curacao-CW/Dutch Antilles – +599 9 5268813 ( app): Kaya Piedra Machu 37 or

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