Long living, right breathing.

We constantly need to remind ourselves to do more body works and pay attention mentally to unleash daily worries and change is needed for wrong habits. In fact, too much time and money is spent on treatments but still attending health programs is necessary since encouragement can enhance our daily health.

Sighing, yearning and groaning, laughing and weeping are life saving reflexes and abilities to free toxins from the body.

The one very important subject and fact but not easy to remember to interest are how to maintain the breathing technique. Before treating overall body functions we need to consider that good breathing is necessary to obtain the flow of inner care. It’s not the air we breathe in for relaxing but also to let oxygen do the fine works fuelling the inner secretion while we breathe out every section toxins and waste from our inner body. Our inner self needs to catalyze its pure energy and therefore opportunity arises to maintain the healthy nervous system, organs, and glands.

But also important are the moral, ethical and spiritual reliabilities for mindful thinking. And a good breathing system works well in development to exercising in harmonic and vibrational order and to maintain a rhythm. Easy exercises are thus necessary and the right way to breathe in- and out and unleash literally lots of baggage from mind and body.

Breathe in from the belly button and slowly let the air go into the lungs while expanding the breast. Let the shoulders stay released. Breathe out while the chest stay lift up and the belly button is pinned in.

A series of thoughtful and easy breathing exercises are shown with time on http://www.facebook.com/aseeltje and for a deeper knowledge of interest, personal practices in groups are being offered. Can mail to atenholt002@gmail.com – available for the islands in Caribbean and abroad.

Asyla ten Holt studied the breathing exercises in various holistic centers including the ‘fasting and feeding and power of breathing’ – residing in Holland, U.S. and Curacao since the ’70s and trained next to her visual arts and body works on herself and others. Also many rhythmical techniques to teenagers with social problems in Holland in the past. In the beginning, coming back from Holland to Curacao, and Bonaire, Asyla practiced kids in community centers next to her arts and after a while also visitors on islands resorts with applauding results. She developed a yogic breathing system next to ancient Egyptian exercises to benefit while attending as a certified therapist and added breathing advises to clients who came for body treatments. Now she decided to go back to her rhythmically studies and practices to offer breathing techniques together with movements.


http://www.asylaholt.com (Arts/Writing)

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