Non-Profit foundation with Arts/Creative Plan

Request for donations

                          FUNARK FOUNDATION      starts off with previously featuring a launch perform with dramatist speaker, storyteller and writer                  

named Sombra ( Stanley Slijngaard) from Suriname for November 2019 together with an OPENING.                          


We as non-profit registered Arts-Culture Foundation ‘Funark’ in Bandabou (big agglomerated youth countryside areas)      in Curaçao support Art-Cultural Projects and cultural exchanges inviting creatives to Curaçao Dutch Caribbean.  Prior to featuring Arts Cultural Projects Plan for 2020 introducing these to the youth/adults, we have invited Mr. Sombra in November 2019 as well.

Funark center

Funark started with interviewing artists from all walks back in 1989 proceeded with offering youth-art programs and stretching to adults. Also, outdoors exchange had taken place  until recently the platform at Funark center in Tera Korra is changed to In-residence hosted by my person as Asyla ten Holt, and a senior artist/writer and holistic therapist (

We are introducing Youth Programs and give Demonstrations what to expect in coming year 2020. Therefor we have planned an OPENING on 9th of November 2019 to the neighborhood of Tera Korra and invited the nearby schools as well to be part of this event and opportunity to inscribe until 9th of December.  We are also going to introduce the plan calling on outdoors Creatives to work together and exchange Arts-Writing Cultural Projects in 2020.   And Performing Arts.             

As a previous start what’s in the house includes an Opening and invite of Mr. Sombra to perform with his Prose in a play-way.     For  this we requested together for Funds for Travel and Accommodation IN SURINAME. In November, he is to be expected and a program demonstration is planned at this center and also Community Center Soto ( Visit to JPF Suriname association and National Library are marked as interesting site, because Mr. Sombra was co-founder of Schrijversgroep77, this founded by late Mr. Martinus Arion, famous writer from the book Dubbelspel.

(Inserted here video during Sombra’s visit to Curacao:

This unique opportunity will be a start interacting and giving Community, especially youngsters of Bandabou an uplifting courage to participate with the lessons starting February 2020.

BEFORE this, we are uplifting the Center and ASK YOUR HELP. We need more paint materials, an outside Canopy tent 6 MTR for gatherings, 2 large tables, 6 chairs and 6 more stools, a printer and laptop, so we can be completed to start the demonstration Youth/Adults  Creative Projects as to what we offer. Also, beverages and snacks are there to share at OPENING. Welcome to you.

The Creative program involves sketching, playing with colors, crafting with recycle subjects like driftwood, beads, and collages. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce being donated with new reading Dutch books for kids from 6 and up, we received fabric canvases and crafting tools.

But we still need more brushes, markers, color-paints, scissors and glues. Also, 2 large tables, stools and chairs and printer to show the printing process after being on the laptop to do kids creative subjects.

We’d love to get these as sponsors and willing to name you in Blogging, newspaper, radio program, magazine, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for your kind gesture being able to help. We are or else satisfied with a granting financial amount from businesses.             MCB-savings account: 332208810- to Asyla ten Holt


Thank you so much for your willingness,

signed Asyla ten Holt, 

hosting creative Programs for 

Funark Promote Arts Culture in Bandabou.

Registry KvK 109393

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All rights reserved Funark production plan

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