Calendar 2021 – Myrurgia Mutueel

January 2021, and we start promoting one of eye-catching Poetry Calendar from Myrurgia Mutueel.

Our Curaçao promising future creative writer has a long drive behind her already in her skills and turned now renovating herself again and transforming.

This introduction ‘Art/Writing Calendar 2021’ with poetry by Myrurgia Mutueel from Curaçao is written in Papiamento while she inspired by the paintings shown on the Calendar from Karin Hermans

This calendar was produced by Myrurgia, during the lockdown last year and challenged by online posted paintings from Karin Hermans and prose-like symbolic and metaphoric expressions became reality and expressed from the heart. Karin Hermans, besides a painter is also a youth and
child psychiatrist. By seeing these paintings, Myrurgia started writing
the emotions behind each of them. So it all happened during our lockdown last year.

Myrurgia’s readers are not accustomed to these writings
other than usual expressions about females, own thoughts and protests ones advocating change.
And instead, with this opportunity, she transformed herself with each thought and emotion behind another’s world and resulted in owns emotion to deal with.

. Descriptions are from the world around, for example the Iguana as an Icon,
Also about women, about home, as shown on the cover. Inspirations are in a symbolic and
metamorphosis, which in a profound way is writing to let words escape through the tunnel of her soul,

Topics are derived from Myrurgia’s own visions, impressed by the paintings and transformed these thoroughly about what the paintings were called for in Myrurgia’s inner soul. And this form got her changing her style.

‘Abundance’ for instance was a chance to fulfill inertly according to the all along racial news in US last year , also the ‘Chicken” in a double sentence had similarities within man’s world.
The challenge was, to be able to do research as well. The appearance of a ‘triangle understanding, the ‘dream house’, were unusual challenging subjects different from the realistic approving inside the paintings.
These became her soul’s dream of adventure.
‘The bubble’ or form elevated is discovered as an inner protected force. Her force inside

To Order the Calendar 2021, we indicate mail address or via Facebook.

(Listen also to: Podcast ; starting with Calendar 2021 M.M. proceed with following talk, then following 3) in Papiamento

This production January 2021 is from Funark
Foundation Promote Arts&Culture and
Visual Artist/Prose writer/Therapist Asyla ten Holt
as Founder and hosting Funark ‘;89 in Curaçao. She usually promotes others as well.

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