2021 Arte Kreativo Bandabou (Kids Art&Youth Creativity)

Our Arts/Cultural tasks have already started for Bandabou countryside in Curacao. The tasks have different creative outlets- whereas the Culture of Curacao is a part of, and, ideas combined with presentations online. These are offered by non profit Funark foundation with voluntarily coaching to after school youth groups from 9 to 14 years. Adults and elders are participating in the mornings. We can drive downwards the alleys to the further away areas without free-wheeling with our engine saving gas. This partly to be thankful to mayor donation from our Samenwerkende Fonds.

Also the tools/materials to work with during this year are partly been given to all of us that reside in Bandabou. This to shape up each Art work, Installation and Story-telling inclusive touching the earth in our garden or red earth in San Pedro platform using this as clay to work with and demonstrating these with aloe as tie-dye-technique. Since we include ‘shablone’ and ‘collage’ technique, printing methods and more, the knowledge about ‘Arte Kreativo’ project has no end reaching ample themes inclusive virtual learning and presentation online, but always a new beginning.

We reside in Bandabou where big quantities after school kids and visiting Community Centers are situated and constant need for diverse creativity and to involve next to their daily tasks. It gives relaxation and good for the concentration. Funark offers to each group a 3 times per month occasion to work and 3 consequence days. In total we occupy with 4 after school and morning adult-groups once a month. We are still in need for more donations for later on monthly coming tasks which we prepare before hand. The participating groups are in Tera Kora, Soto and Barber/Wacawa areas and further researching area is Westpunt to include.

More info on program: atenholt002@gmail.com or funartseela@gmail.com .

cotton tree

Seeking to offer this uniquely opportunity, we are warm welcomed now by our leaders from the surroundings in Bandabou which makes clear to how supportive can be when it comes to Arts Creative subjects and to join in the approving leads to self growth of youngsters occupying with creativity. Variety programs are offered and much information will benefit both sides when comes to support for a good cause.

As we ended with a warm up task for February, ‘designing with egg-shells’ inclusive different presentation with ‘tropical’ topics on-line, the continuing creativity will enroll into guiding preparations for coming March and April. From picturing the February strokes, lines, oval and shapes as easy drawings to shape up the spaces with egg-shells, a follow up topic will be now presented. .

We will occupy with developing details in sketching-method occupy the horizontal and vertical visualizing lines and measurements to check their abilities and introduce sorts compositions using topics with local gifts as models. We start with choosing from fruit and vegetables from our Nos Kunuku matched with nice packages colored fruit juice (‘tutti’-frutti’) from Coca Cola. Beverage (an always improving their skills’) Comp. Some participants can choose.to subject like tropical bird or portrait painting and also uncover the recycling process in a step by step 3 dimensional fruit basket in papier mache. On retouching the works on the third day, a presentation video ultimately can be shown of wood carving included locally online sites.

Our gratitude goes to Samenwerkende Fondsen sponsoring the major tasks 2021 and others will be mentioned soon.

A short introductory video on continuing program is added here. But for the ACTUAL sketch-work details, please ask via messaging on facebook- at Asyla ten Holt or funartseela@gmail.com

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