Arts-Cultural plan

Maintain a voluntarily offer-plan in creativity depends on following factors and Funark activities for Bandabou after school in Curacao keeps its promise until November to culminate with an exhibit.

keep Kids Project Arte Kreativo 2021 for afterschools Bandabou interesting to follow

continue with a right low investment

keep encourage to create enthusiasm by offer variety visual arts/recycled knowledge to enhance the quality of the living environment.

help bring awareness to cultural heritage development in its creativity environment inclusive online productions besides the school leaders’ own cultural projects

enhance the fund interest so that talented after school students can continue develop with possessing qualified art materials at final program and give them their honor.

Next with following program Funark foundation ’89- this creativity family non profit decided expanding its willingness in organize an exhibit after offering voluntarily work in agreement with head leaders after schools; Thus culminating arts are coached by her member-creative senior, Asyla ten Holt and students’ 2021 yearly works have opportunity now to be exposed. Therefor donors are asked to join in contributing with a donation by ways of buying one or more best charming art-pieces so to invest in special art development; this as occasion and promoting youth skills and better environment. This offer is a painting with themes incl. egg shells art, still life, clay objects (mobiles) and paper mache, also recycled art pieces. This method of gaining gives advancement to developing educative art project at after schools and fund will go direct to the after school leading programs. Another benefit to encourage art is to display their finishing works in a representing Calendar form. For this opportunity and responsive act we are busy seeking donations for these as well.

This effort is to be achieved according to Funark to enable kids in provide with art books, materials and tools and contribute in improving their skills next to their normal yearly projects. Through the channel of exhibiting the students work, an automatically promotion to after schools in Bandabou and overall will be acknowledged. Schedule of Exhibit is intended in November 2021.

Images can be shown to interested ones from this present moment on and reasonable price-list (framed pieces available) titled and measurement with a presentation card included. Chosen Art pieces will be selected and given to donor after pieces been shown at Exhibit. Please feel free to announce your interest at; or whatsapp 059995268813 coach Asyla ten Holt.

Organizer and hosting Funark in activities, Asyla ten Holt, will handle the works until returned to the students of the after schools. Furthermore, end of August, starting September will resume with after school thematic plan whereas more gloves, mouth caps and aprons are needed during working with clay and recycled paper-mache. Also water and juices are beverages that Funark would like to offer to the after school students at their last scheduled days; While at exhibit we need snacks and these are welcome in the form of donation. Invitation cards to produce are also expenses which Funark foundation like to be funded for. Lastly Funark itself like to give all the charming kids (80 in total from 4 after schools) a pack of clay product (white cold clay) as a respectful THANK YOU token.

Please react to or if wish for more info on buying art pieces and contributing to Calendars. Below is local and international banc transaction for donating mentioned materials at proceed Art project in August until November 2021.

A warmhearted thank you for your support and stay in touch.

Asyla ten Holt

Our local account is PSB Bank to:

Fundashon Funark Kaya Piedra Machu 37 in Curacao.

On-line banking:

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao. Swiftcode: MCBKCWCU account: 332208810 Asyla ten Holt– Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curacao

at work with clay and delfts blue (demonstration)

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