Art-works from kids art project Afterschool Bandabou ’21…..for you

We’re campaigning with Arte Kreativo Project 2021 for After Schools Bandabou in Curacao rural area.
Funark foundation is at organizing an Exhibition to sustain After schools their Arts projects and offer you a piece of art so they can sustain themselves in further materials. The proceeds will go as gift vouchers from Samsom to the participated after schools.

Further below please find more details after sharing some of paintings, egg shells arts, recycled subjects and clay.

Annie Koenraad exchange colors with recycled

Still life (fruit model or figurative), Art /paper sheet excl frame,
parced partout 50-70cm Afl.35,- each
40-50cm Afl 25,-

recycled planters-Elia Juliana
Egg shell art at After school Don Sarto in Soto

Egg shells art 40-50cm/40-70cm.sheets excl frame-per piece 50,-,-
Ask for more pieces from all Afterschools,

Clay works and hanging art mobiles as ornament/ interests
get closer look at varieties – price 3 on one mobile 15,–one hang ornament 5,-

These are artworks from after schools Bandabou 2021 organized by the Funark
foundation to sustain Arte Kreativo in the community. Host Asyla ten Holt presents
here a variety of creativity which she will coach until the first week of December. After discussing the idea to expose the works with the leaders we now pronounce the ability for an exhibit in November ’21.

To stay engaged in youngsters’ creativity means improvement in their skills and a
satisfactory outcome. Also, to advance the visual art skills there are ample materials,
tools and equipment needed.That’s why we discussed this part as well to find the
right donors who love art and offer some uniquely crafted ones with the
announcement that the proceeds go directly to the after schools for their continuity
buying materials. Approval is procedure of transfer to the after school by means of receive
gift voucher for Samsom supplies. This gesture of
being able to offer the Creativity programs in 2021 means to show the gratitude by
Funark for the confidence given to the mentor and leaders and youngsters.

Another benefit to encourage art is to display the finishing works by produce Calendars. We are seeking donations for this, while Myrurgia Mutueel, teacher and poet is asked
to polish the contents in prose style in papiamentu. These are from processes during
the months when instructions were given on the art themes. There is visual and short
storytelling done by some kids on the topic ‘den bo kura’ in your garden and during
‘still life’ art. These are combined with the moment’s work. Hopefully this production
via Tramm Imaging Solutions can be realized. This, so as to give all kids their precious memories. We can remind the kids that they are gifted and loved. and we do care.

Please feel free to add your mail address at messages here at this site of to and we will attend you by send more of beautiful pieces to see.
Also we like to find a donor for the Calenders. We thought about produce 150 pieces.

Precious moments are with precious kids.

More info
or atenholt002@gmail,com

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