Kids Project ’21 Arte Kreativo presentation

(Voluntarily coaching via Non profit organization Funark ( curacao))

We’re campaigning with Arte Kreativo Project 2021 for After Schools Bandabou and Funark foundation to sustain with materials. Please find presentation video as promised and written details below. Finishing works are from kids aged 9 to 12 years here in Bandabou area in Curacao.

Part 1- video ‘kids arts’ online presentation& outdoors photographed and on sites,(English) (17 October) (see also

.INTRO prior presentation.(Dutch-English-Papiamentu).

Elis Juliana still life (fruit model or figurative), excl frame, parce partout 40-50cm / 50-70cm incl.  from  6x works Ang 35,-each

E.Juliana ANG 35,-ea

E.J. 40-50cm – Ang 25,- ea (art paper )

40-50 cm 8x Ang. 35,-(ea)

Comm. Creative learning & interviews aftersch. while at work (Papiamentu-English)
E.Juliana figurative/still life ANG 25,-ea
Annie Koenraad T.K.- still life, fruit expr./birds/portraits/shablone/collage 
per piece Ang 35,(40-50 cm

figurative/fruit expr. )    Ang 35,-



Don Sarto in Soto 51-70 cm Ang 35,-ea  

60-70 cm still life excl frame Ang     35,-braided paper
fruit art  on braided paper 60-70 cm Ang 35,-   
fruit art  on braided paper 60-70 cm Ang 35,- 

2  egg shells art- Don Sarto Ang 50,

Don Sarto 4 pcs egg shells art  40-50cm/40-70cm.sheets excl frame -and  2x  40-50 cm Ang 50,- p.p.                                            –

Elis Juliana collage/egg shells art 40-50cm – Ang 45

Annie Koenraad Tera Korra egg shell art Ang 35.-


Wacawa Opvang area past Barber – watercolor ‘\home’ 2 for Ang 25,- (2x20cm )

kids 8 yThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is XMGsSlJbrUNYkrvPYnFICHJWjDjivG-0eHzI55wmmLxG1N82zxO4MeC8ZuEp7TBvJ8tgY-hK85ne-D-4mXE_fgs4vlakCh-DAELemMdmGXUluL_8qCc6KUvass4-19-4g7oC-Y6I=s0

Wacawa Opvang-still life/fruit model/passepartout add-30-35 cm/35-40 cm Ang 45.-p.p.                                               

A. Koenraad/ Elis Juliana recycle art: Planters(hang)-design on canvas and clear varnished with (A.K.) bottom clay. Include hanging plants or herb plants in separate hard plastic pots to add. total Ang 15,- p.piece (24x)

Elis Juliana/Wacawa opvang -hanging art mobiles as ornament/ interests

get closer look at varieties – price 3 on one mobile Ang 15,–single ornament 5,-

These are artworks from after schools Bandabou 2021 organized by the non profit Funark foundation (reg.) and volunteer coach-senior artist Asyla ten Holt. These are sustained class & online presentations Arte Kreativo Project for the community and carry a variety  of creativity which is coached until in November 2021. Most of the presented works here are after discussing the idea with After schools leaders and Funark. To stay engaged in youngsters’ creativity means improving in their style and  skills to modern creativity and a satisfactory outcome is ultimately shown. We handled the distance obligations, offered mouth caps/gloves partly as a gift from Botika Tera Kora – kept cool with sponsor Coca Cola water and snacks from Bofrei for the first part of the year. Also, to advance the visual art skills, ample materials, tools and equipment were needed. That’s why a starting donation came from Samenwerkende Fonds with funding materials, tools and gas to get to the areas. 

With a few more months to go, we’ve discussed with after school leaders a right action to use and to gain further sustain in their own organizing projects. The idea was offered to show the uniquely crafted pieces here with the announcement to sell. The proceeds will go directly to obtain materials. Procedure of transfer to the after school will be handled via a gift vouchers from Samsom supplies. This gesture will mean, showing gratitude of Funark for the confidence given and a thank you to the leaders.. 

Hosting Funark Asyla ten Holt  made contact with Samsom Bookstore which agreed that deposits can be done through E-banking to their company.

You can Indicate which art work above you would like and the chosen price of art plus which after school (Annie Koenraad or Elis Juliana, Don Sarto and or Wacawa Opvang.(one or more possible).

Then kindly contact us through this mail ( or or whats app +599995268813 with a copy of your transfer deposit and we’ll send the indicated image(s) to you. The After school(s) will get to know about their granted gift and we will make contact with Samsom for their materials.

Samsom Bookstores 

Industriepark Brievengat unit A51

MCB 30581606 (Maduro and Curiels Bank Curacao)

(On post we indicate PSB bank (postspaarbank) from the Funark foundation and Maduro and Curiels SWIFT bank.details)

Another benefit to encourage sustainable creativity to Kids/Youngsters and Elders is to display the works in Calendar form. We are busy seeking donations for this last one while Myrurgia Mutueel, teacher and poet was asked to polish the contents in prose style in papiamentu. The outcomes are masterful. These are derived from instructive processes during the monthly giving art themes and specifically visual and short storytelling combined from topics ‘our nature’, also ‘den bo kura’ in your garden and ‘still life’ art and fruit models. Fruit juices were donated by Coca Cola Comp during this period. Furthermore, we had on-line Cultural Art presentation from Bandabou. These are the moment’s works to be remembered within this project After school Bandabou Kids Arte Kreativo 2021. Hopefully this production can be realized via Tramm Solutions so as to give all kids their precious memories in moments time. If we can count on donors and succeed, we can remind the kids that they are gifted, are special and loved by us through offering final presentation.

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