Exchange with creative skills and be part in the Cultural challenge around countryside of Bandabou in Curacao-Dutch Caribbean and engage in a 2 to 4 weeks In residence project where you work work with Funark for the community in rural area.
We Request Grant for our Kids Art Creativities- also invite and attract Visual Artists/Writers - Cultural research-workers, Horticulturists and Performing subjects like prose-speakers - dramatists/puppet-players and


Let’s exchange.

Registry ‘2020 en 2021

Apply for Community Projects and work together in quiet surrounding. We offer the programs free of charge for the rural areas.
We are awaiting better times for regional Caribbean and Surinamese diverse group.

In the meantime stay online.

Funark 2021 offers diverse thematic skills for every 9 days per month on different locations in Bandabou going to afterschool activities. We interchange easy class-topics with tropical fresh air easy listening introductions online and presentations

For free.

Contact via email or

or skype: live:.cid.95edf5bf9932a82dwhats or WhatsApp 059995268813

Address: Kaya Piedra Machu 37 – Tera Korra – Bandabou – Dutch Caribbean

Visit her website and click on link ‘JOIN AND SUPPORT’.

November 2019 starting [project:

Project visitor writer Sombra-Suriname