‘Den mi kura’/in my garden.

Funark activity announces its May/June ‘Arte Kreativo’- Kids project with a new theme concern nature.

In the meantime their class subject include, make an artful planter with recycle tools.

Following from earlier posts students can research their own garden this time and translate their discoveries into storytelling/poetry or song. (See also http://www.facebook.com/asyltje

These creative interactions from nature uplifts the senses, sights and feelings while themes are supportive for self relaxation especially after undesirable moments to bear while in pandemic time.

Tasks are partly granted by Samenwerkende Fonds (see former posts) with materials and costs to reach the remote areas.

For the other half year we hope a continuing granting possibility to fulfill open requesting posts via Funark foundation (otherwise see past posts indicating how to support by donating)

Example ‘den mi kura’/in my garden https://youtu.be/zDbFxdRlkLc

April endurance

Every time, when introducing a new theme in creativity, it’s like a newborn day. Being a senior coach, going about preparing with scheduling, planning, and adjusting subjects for more than four decades, now it’s voluntarily time to mend, blend, and recover and to continue again. Offering my professional skills and knowledge in performing- and visual arts, giving these to youth groups, there is a time like this in April that needs a pause. It shapes every center corner before approximate to project-duties but hosting from my Foundation Funark, the ideas keep running.

The servicing thing that needs more attention, is the keen knowledge of the functioning and fulfillment of the fundraising aspects. Key is a responsibly shapen up nonprofit involving within the arts cultural community presenting yourself as a volunteering coach together with tools to give. Along giving support will lift up developing projects effortlessly for wellness that’s essentially improving when giving your part creative education to especially after schools and day-care.

Creative coach in Bandabou

In this great pause of April and aftermath pandemic from on the Easter period with weeks now in lockdown, qualifying on all authoritative procedures, the human hearth wishes soon to proceed traditionally-wise to the educative environment of their lives. Since sharing and embracing creatively ideas together take place alongside, and restored back inside this vulnerable community in the rural areas, we also attentively following all rules. Every step in the moment of responsibility counts, when we fully agree this pandemic lockdown is for a good cause. Let’s remember and look forward to smiling faces from kids in their customary function of education with safeguarding their faith. So in the backbone of their minds, they’re prepared to be back and engage within their groups again. A little more waiting – hopefully with these fewer weeks in April will mean something.

E.Juliana after sch.
wacawa-area barber
Daycare in Wacawa-

Don Sarto after sch
Community Arts Creative Presentation
A.Koenraad after sch

Donate whatever you can. Beneath is locally direction and for outdoors Funark friends we kindly give SWIFT-code as well and thank you greatly for your support

Our local account is PSB Bank to: Fundashon Funark Kaya Piedra Machu 37 in Curacao. Acc.no.8800004941 A warmhearted thank you for your support and stay in touch.

On-line banking: Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao. Swiftcode: MCBKCWCU account: 332208810 Asyla ten Holt– Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curacao

NATURE’S Color&Art Produce

We’re not sitting still and of course we’re at Social Distancing and wearing masks when necessary, and even the kids let us know this. In meantime we got and distributed from Funark activities Center lots of Mouth caps – a courtesy from Botika Tera Kora in Bandabou countryside in Curacao.  Bofrei Agency gave us snacks to hand out to Kids after working hard on ‘Arte Kreativo’ because they feel it’s a good project for Bandabou and, together with the leaders to make the KIDS longing for more Creativity next the ones they already have at After schools.

At working

Coca Cola gave us juices and water and Nos Kunuku, fruits and veges, for this March/’April theme which is Still life.
We got mayor donation from Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben for materials and big part for gasoline cost to larger part areas.

We thank all participating and also the charming interview in the Amigu’s with our creative topics running in Bandabou. See http://www.facebook.com/asyltje for more details.

For the next quarter year 2021
we will need more contribution because we could get area Barber Ala Blanca after school and newly after school; Westpunt to join.
More water to offer the lots of drinking in these times. We like the Supermarkets to contribute with some snacks before the July Holidays to celebrate their efforts (plus the Leaders) and because especially KIDS suffered a lot during the Pandemic time. 
Furthermore we need more mouth cap, plastic skirts and gloves to work with. Every other working and coaching is voluntarily, only we ask editing work hours in coming months by one of member working on online presentation video’s.

After we finalize Figure painting theme and Fruit in Still life in this Project After school kids/adults activity in Bandabou at end of April offering Soto area -‘ Don Sarto’ after school (22 April)

we’ll introduce coming May/June with cozy topic

Nature’s Color&Art Produce (search your garden/storytelling)

Here we’ll need seeds and paper works to introduce the Green Living. We’ll plant and take care with growing process until end of year we’ll be able to show them off at Exhibit with other works. In meantime we’ll occupy with writings or poetry presentation during these times when in May/June celebrating Earth day/Mothers day. The Tropical colors and areas-details are tasks to sketch in garden search and or story telling, the planting – all encompass “Right here in everyone’s Garden”.

Means search for some exciting things to talk about or paint. The below video will give some indications how the Kids can prepare. And adults/elders as well.
They can build little writing corners in their garden sketch block with details and prepare during this Easter Holidays after a good sleep rest.They can fill each page-paper with all discoveries they overlooked in their garden. The flower that suddenly blooms, or what they LOVE. And what their folks are occupying with or at building in their garden – carving something or planting.

The Leaders can give them the video below and start interesting the kids and youngsters to look around if there is something important to write or talk about. If the Pandemic allows us, while we’ll give our blessings to all, we can proceed and with the leaders After schools and Opvang we’ll create something NEW again.

Hosting Funark activities – Asyla ten Holt

Please feel free to search past post as well and thank you again.

NATURE”S color&art produce

Our local account is PSB Bank to: Fundashon Funark at Kaya Piedra Machu 37 in Curacao. Acc.no.8800004941 A warmhearted thank you for your support and stay in touch.

For Outdoors interests:

On-line banking: Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao. Swiftcode: MCBKCWCU account: 332208810 Asyla ten Holt– Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curacao

2021 Arte Kreativo Bandabou (Kids Art&Youth Creativity)

Our Arts/Cultural tasks have already started for Bandabou countryside in Curacao. The tasks have different creative outlets- whereas the Culture of Curacao is a part of, and, ideas combined with presentations online. These are offered by non profit Funark foundation with voluntarily coaching to after school youth groups from 9 to 14 years. Adults and elders are participating in the mornings. We can drive downwards the alleys to the further away areas without free-wheeling with our engine saving gas. This partly to be thankful to mayor donation from our Samenwerkende Fonds.

Also the tools/materials to work with during this year are partly been given to all of us that reside in Bandabou. This to shape up each Art work, Installation and Story-telling inclusive touching the earth in our garden or red earth in San Pedro platform using this as clay to work with and demonstrating these with aloe as tie-dye-technique. Since we include ‘shablone’ and ‘collage’ technique, printing methods and more, the knowledge about ‘Arte Kreativo’ project has no end reaching ample themes inclusive virtual learning and presentation online, but always a new beginning.

We reside in Bandabou where big quantities after school kids and visiting Community Centers are situated and constant need for diverse creativity and to involve next to their daily tasks. It gives relaxation and good for the concentration. Funark offers to each group a 3 times per month occasion to work and 3 consequence days. In total we occupy with 4 after school and morning adult-groups once a month. We are still in need for more donations for later on monthly coming tasks which we prepare before hand. The participating groups are in Tera Kora, Soto and Barber/Wacawa areas and further researching area is Westpunt to include.

More info on program: atenholt002@gmail.com or funartseela@gmail.com .

cotton tree

Seeking to offer this uniquely opportunity, we are warm welcomed now by our leaders from the surroundings in Bandabou which makes clear to how supportive can be when it comes to Arts Creative subjects and to join in the approving leads to self growth of youngsters occupying with creativity. Variety programs are offered and much information will benefit both sides when comes to support for a good cause.

As we ended with a warm up task for February, ‘designing with egg-shells’ inclusive different presentation with ‘tropical’ topics on-line, the continuing creativity will enroll into guiding preparations for coming March and April. From picturing the February strokes, lines, oval and shapes as easy drawings to shape up the spaces with egg-shells, a follow up topic will be now presented. .

We will occupy with developing details in sketching-method occupy the horizontal and vertical visualizing lines and measurements to check their abilities and introduce sorts compositions using topics with local gifts as models. We start with choosing from fruit and vegetables from our Nos Kunuku matched with nice packages colored fruit juice (‘tutti’-frutti’) from Coca Cola. Beverage (an always improving their skills’) Comp. Some participants can choose.to subject like tropical bird or portrait painting and also uncover the recycling process in a step by step 3 dimensional fruit basket in papier mache. On retouching the works on the third day, a presentation video ultimately can be shown of wood carving included locally online sites.

Our gratitude goes to Samenwerkende Fondsen sponsoring the major tasks 2021 and others will be mentioned soon.

A short introductory video on continuing program is added here. But for the ACTUAL sketch-work details, please ask via messaging on facebook- at Asyla ten Holt or funartseela@gmail.com

2021 KIDS ART AND YOUTH’S CREATIVE CAMPAIGN (incl online learning)

Our campaign 2021 continues with Arts/Cultural tasks for our Kids&Youth rural areas in Curacao Bandabou countryside. Therefore we – non profit Funark foundation ask donors for a gift. A gift that include materials and new equipment to exchange virtually while working with the groups. The tasks are different creative outlet ideas combined with presentations online. We offer yearly voluntarily programs in marginal areas in Bandabou where big quantities After school kids and Community Centers-groups are established and interested to participate. Ask for the monthly program at atenholt002@gmail.com or funartseela@gmail.com for Bandabou countryside if you or an acquaintance live there. Participating groups are in Tera Korra, Soto and Barber area.

See past activities: http://www.funart88.wordpress.com

With last years’ investigation and with positive outcomes and interest of big quantity of kids visiting the online resources, a great timing to start making further acquaintances with virtual learning. Our non profit foundation will continue offer another uniquely opportunity, ‘warm baked’ and coached by Asyla ten Holt which has trainings capacities and an ‘artist-senior teacher. She joins with youth leaders in a supportive voluntarily way to reach out, offer creative exposures to youth-group adults/elders, also dropouts, These in need for Creative exposures in Bandabou. (More to sneak peaking on ) https://www.facebook.com/asyltje/ and

Second week of February Funark starts with Project Arte Kreativo until end of the year – 10 days per month and guidelines will proceed online and to keep you informed.

creativity iin bandabou

Want to join seeking Asyla Holt working on this tropically-area ?

Come closer rural area Bandabou where videos are offered. Join Funark -and connect online while get different presentation with tropical topics and how the creativity enrolls within the guiding preparations. To keep on inside this adventure we ask donations for the works, materials and equipment while our coaching host and organizer Asyla Holt keeps you informed. Above mail-addresses, message on this site or you can reach out on https://www.facebook.com/asyltje . Asyla’s creativity are on http://www.asylaholt.com.

Donate whatever you can. Beneath is locally direction and for outdoors Funark friends we kindly give SWIFT-code as well and thank you greatly for your support

Our local account is PSB Bank to: Fundashon Funark Kaya Piedra Machu 37 in Curacao. Acc.no.8800004941 A warmhearted thank you for your support and stay in touch.

On-line banking: Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao. Swiftcode: MCBKCWCU account: 332208810 Asyla ten Holt– Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curacao

Calendar 2021 – Myrurgia Mutueel

January 2021, and we start promoting one of eye-catching Poetry Calendar from Myrurgia Mutueel.

Our Curaçao promising future creative writer has a long drive behind her already in her skills and turned now renovating herself again and transforming.

This introduction ‘Art/Writing Calendar 2021’ with poetry by Myrurgia Mutueel from Curaçao is written in Papiamento while she inspired by the paintings shown on the Calendar from Karin Hermans

This calendar was produced by Myrurgia, during the lockdown last year and challenged by online posted paintings from Karin Hermans and prose-like symbolic and metaphoric expressions became reality and expressed from the heart. Karin Hermans, besides a painter is also a youth and
child psychiatrist. By seeing these paintings, Myrurgia started writing
the emotions behind each of them. So it all happened during our lockdown last year.

Myrurgia’s readers are not accustomed to these writings
other than usual expressions about females, own thoughts and protests ones advocating change.
And instead, with this opportunity, she transformed herself with each thought and emotion behind another’s world and resulted in owns emotion to deal with.

. Descriptions are from the world around, for example the Iguana as an Icon,
Also about women, about home, as shown on the cover. Inspirations are in a symbolic and
metamorphosis, which in a profound way is writing to let words escape through the tunnel of her soul,

Topics are derived from Myrurgia’s own visions, impressed by the paintings and transformed these thoroughly about what the paintings were called for in Myrurgia’s inner soul. And this form got her changing her style.

‘Abundance’ for instance was a chance to fulfill inertly according to the all along racial news in US last year , also the ‘Chicken” in a double sentence had similarities within man’s world.
The challenge was, to be able to do research as well. The appearance of a ‘triangle understanding, the ‘dream house’, were unusual challenging subjects different from the realistic approving inside the paintings.
These became her soul’s dream of adventure.
‘The bubble’ or form elevated is discovered as an inner protected force. Her force inside

To Order the Calendar 2021, we indicate mail address

Myrurgiam@gmail.com or via Facebook.

(Listen also to: Podcast ; https://www.buzzsprout.com/737531/episodes starting with Calendar 2021 M.M. proceed with following talk, then following 3) in Papiamento

This production January 2021 is from Funark
Foundation Promote Arts&Culture and
Visual Artist/Prose writer/Therapist Asyla ten Holt
as Founder and hosting Funark ‘;89 in Curaçao. She usually promotes others as well.

Arte Kreativo ( art creative)

Funark activities and plan for virtual learning /expectations for 2021 will go with the flow because its necessary.

A start introduction went including an activity program for after school creative learning in Bandabou- held in a rural area in Curaçao, the main island in the Dutch Caribbean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG_KloRD6Fg

The unexpected surprise was, that there are kids and also the age of 9 and 10 already devouring the internet. Not whats-app, but stir the online machine searching for tools because their parents teach them.

The right conceptual way is to further light their ways to the videos creatively mastering skills and add to their education step by step original home-creative production as can.

This all comes with deserving to have good equipment and devices that connect between the coach and student. A good camera and computer or laptop, lighting equipment, beamers, etc. are truly the items to the outlook in discussions with the Donors world in harness to obtain creative education for areas where it’s absolutely necessary. The coach is voluntarily present for positive demonstrations if a must.

You are welcome to the caring world by placing your donation.

For a generous amount and gratitude for placing this, plse see below

 On-line banking: Maduro & Curiel’s Bank,                                                                       Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao.                                                                 Swiftcode of the bank: MCBKCWCU                                                                                       My account: 332208810                                                                                              Asyla ten Holt- Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curacao

Also check http://www.asylaholt.com/435851834 for more info

Plan holiday project in Soto-July 2020-rural area Curaçao

Concern Holiday Plan (Vakantieplan)(Dutch) in Soto-July 2020:
Coaching Project:Asyla ten Holt/Visual Artist/- Coach/Prose writer
Founder of ‘Funark’ Foundation Center/-Tera Korra- rural area Bandabou/Curacao
Promote Arts/Culture (k.v.k.reg. 109393

Dear supporter,
With this I’d like to introduce myself working with kids/adults since 80s in Creativity. I’ve studied in the Netherlands during 60s and 70s until returned to Curaçao in 1981. My families are still in Holland while my passion expressing Arts Culture was to develop with Community Centers in Curaçao to support in Arts expression and lift the self-esteem while give more meaning to diverse Creative techniques within target communities not easily having access to uplift their talents.
Since 2018 I’m occupied with the neighborhoods in Bandabou and voluntarily with few donations I help with other organizations to coach the kids, youngsters after school and elders in Community centers. The development in Soto area and Tera Cora is progressing and through my Funark Foundation together with other group-leaders we function very closely until moments’ ‘holiday plan’ (vacation-plan) that we urge for materials and possible small fee for teachers’ service
The teaching always carries on in the form of Arts therapies, developed since 2000 showing these practices of Conceptual Art to be significant for the growth of children in their learning process in these lower income surroundings that are having little abilities to expand their vision and fantasy world.
Planning structures beforehand is key to develop knowledge and prepare a project to benefit individual growth, self esteem and endurance to finishing object.
This practice is trusted by me, female artist with past academical/universities trainings from the Netherlands, while the coaching groups started in 80s coming back home and afterwards in 90’s/2000’s with institutions like Dept. of Culture, social organizations Reda sosial, Youth centers in Bonaire, while after millennium the private American Preparatory School from 2001 to 2004 as free-lance Art-teacher. Recently I noticed that neighborhoods in Bandabou have little to no Arts Creative exposures except for some sports; still, lacking good sports fields.
Coming July, together with after-school activities-leader group called Ethlyn Merkies Martis, who also organizes with the Elder-group stationed in Soto, we agreed to work together again. Due to financial problems I took responsibility to look for donation for my part coaching creativity. This will be a creative project titled: “Cultural expressions in papier-mache (installation with waste materials) and painting.portraits”. Incorporating prose writing to this project with an exhibition at the end.
The prepared project (vakantie plan) needs tools and extra materials/equipment’s and a fee to give the practices plus beverage. Funds are needed within the changing climate of the new today, while the life-setting in Curaçao has become more poor for these children and youth(elders) in Bandabou Community Neighborhoods.
But as free-lance going about give my support via my Foundation Funark, I’m very positive about change. So material support is greatly required and as a Creative-the teachers’ fee is necessary for transport costs and other obligations.
The Vakantieplan in Soto depends on Creativity. That’s why the required funding is purely necessary. For this reason, I’m approaching you and kindly request for donation of any kind. Hopefully there are Art lovers to the idea supporting low class kids to develop their talents.
My web: http://www.asylaholt.com click on the link ‘JOIN AND SUPPORT
Mail address: atenholt002@gmail.com or funartseela@gmail.com

Budget :
Material: paint 6x variation a Afl. 18,- = Afl. 108,-
markers different color (packi 12,- x 6 Afl 72,-
brushes 3 different model (4 in pack)a 28- Afl. 84,-
10 medium scissors a Afl. 7,95 Afl 79,50
5 tub glues Collal (large) a afl.19,50 Afl 97,50
School measurements 10x a Afl. 4,25 Afl 45,-
Pencils 20x (4 in pack) x Afl 3,95 Afl 19,75
parce partout (decor) 6 vel a Afl 6,25 Afl 37,50

Teachers’ Fee (Vakantieplan) July:

3 to 6 =25, -an hour/3 hours a 75,x 2 = 150, –
For 4 weeks: Afl 150, -x 4 Afl. 600,-
Total invest Creative Plan Afl 1.143,25 Euro 572 $645

With receiving your donation you’ll be granted with attractive handmade colored creative bookmarks designed by myself. . See below bank account and my mobile WhatsApp is: 059995268813
Much appreciated for support
Asyla ten Holt,

On-line banking: Swiftcode of the bank: MCBKCWCU Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao Account 332208810
Asyla ten Holt- Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curacao


FUNARK Promove Arte i Kultura ta un Fundashon ’89 i funda pa Asyla ten Holt, artista Plastika –  eskritora i terapista. F ta den un face-lift i lo bin ku lesnan na hoben atrobe pero den forma uniko pa 2020 via In-residensha.

Tera Korra ta bai tene OPEN HOUSE – DEMONSTRASHON i anunsia Topiko masha interesante estilo nobo di kreashon artistiko/kulturismo-konosement’i material-teknikanan i sera konosi ku bishitanan kreativo i pa otro Sentronan den Bandabou.

Funark su residensia ta na : Kaya Piedra Machu 37 (Den bario Tera Korra pasa velt bai te fin na T-kruis e borchi  Dr.Tweed bai rechts, pasa e Kasnan ansiano ku dak berde pa yega links e Kaya)

E ‘OPENHOUSE’ ta 9 di November 2019 for di 10 or mainta

i temporada pa inskribi lo ta e dia ei te ku 9 di December 2019. (Of mail funartseela@gmail.com si ke inskribi – of uso di e postbus ne sitio-adres)

Inskripshon gratis. 

Interes pa lesnan pa 2020 kuminsando na 

Februari lo ta Afl 5, pa luna (material, snack koi bebe) i pa 4 diasabra mainta den e luna- ora  9.30 pa 11.30 or. (ta prepara den fakansi un otro plan)

Pero prome ku esei ta invita na e Openhouse i Demonstrashon/Eksposishon di diferente material/teknikanan pa tur ku ke akudi ne lesnan di 2020. Krea Arte ta amplia bo sabiduria i hopi bon topiko lo ofrese i mas pa Bandabou.

Bo ta kordialmente invita i natural lo anunsia tambe ne Sentro di Bario Tera Korra i anunsio a bai pa Skolnan den bisindario. Lidernan di otro sentro di Barionan Bandabou tambe ta invita pa enterkambia e interes di programa varia 2020 ku artistanan invita.

Si mester mas informashon : yama na 5268813 ( Asyla ten Holt) Whasapp tambe. Lo duna mas splikashon si mester.

Muchanan foi 8 anja ta invita, – hoben i  hende grandi.

                               B O N    B I N I

Derechonan ta reserva / All rights reserved Funark production plan

Arte Palabra Kreativo

I N V I T A S H O N 







DIANAN:20 DI NOVEMBER 2019 PA HOBEN 5 PM pa 6.30    21 DI NOVEMBER 2019 PA HENDE GRANDI 10 AM pa 11.30

E N T R A D A   T A    G R A T I S

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