‘Oh-Oh’ It makes sense.

Sitting on my bench, patiently working on my eight years old laptop, I’m comfortably between my left side unordered staple   invitation cards (mail- addresses because of preparing online Art Auction. On my right side some bills, past years old agenda’s – checking papers with quotes and informative short scribbling down narratives to peek through for reviewing a book for  future. So I was busy.  But to break the dullness of comfort – all of a sudden my mind sat still and I picked up a nearby ‘Nights Curacao’ lying next to me. An informative tiny bulletin (had it some time there) and I peeked through with front page cover- famous  ‘World Heritage, with Curacao its attractive Architecture in vivid colors. I sighed at the page for a while looking the stunned colors and continued randomly the following pages and caught myself suddenly stirring on one page.  It was a yellow and black exposure page titled ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.  Looking at the black inked picture of Pirate ship I wondered how making myself comfortable in a sense now.  But no worries making it a sense, stumbled on this picture made me remember a colored painting I  somewhat exactly had in my Photo Doc to use. But kindly with same entourage effect.

Haitian Artist '60 Oil on Canvas

Haitian Art from ’60’s

This image I intended  to use creatively in a story, ( not with Pirate ship) mentioning the artist who made it, while further coupling it with messaging my actual Announcing Piece of Art Auction called ‘Integration’ and to get a meaningful two-sided stories and so navigate the viewers ultimately to my  www.asylaholt.com.  So the abruptly caught up Pirate-ship painted in Black Ink in the Nights Curacao put my thoughts on a drive, inspired me in an impulse to take gas and continue the good idea and work on my announcing boat painting from this Haitian Artist in the 60’s. So from one thing comes the other when you need inspiration.

Paging further through the Informative Booklet I stumbled on Dolphins titled ‘Who kept the Dolphins out’.  I wondered how curious but I’d imagine they’re kind a hanging out somewhere else. But of course, again looking through the words, thoughts came around on visit again. This time on another Picture-Painting with a Dolphin I was to use while sitting here in living room.

Not with titled ‘ what’s for dinner’ but ‘Resurrected’ awareness with an appearing Purple kind of Dolphin in underwater scenery which was a dream. At first the title was ‘ Being watched’ but actually in metaphysical term this Dream Expression  has stronger sentence of sensing  everything  So this Dolphin caught an eye on a falling mask, thrown deep inside the water. It was like finally free of all that cluttered the mind and made imperfect.  This creature in the painting spotted also a bracelet (yellow) hanging around piece a coral. A real dream long time ago and since 2004 outlined in Painting and kept blinking on my Canvas. So this Dolphin took the Bracelet ( gemstone the Citrine) around its rostrum (beak) and as I remembered brought it to me. Of course I woke up instantly. I suppose the making sense of this dream was meant to continue with my Artist life,

With this usefully prompt awareness from times ago to this particular day with ‘Who let the Dolphins out’ showed wondrous lifting up the courage.  (Dolphin Academy is active since 2002)  Finally Dolphins are important guiding creatures and enormously friendly. They search your soul and make it a better place. Well by all means I hope it is. I’d enjoyed this precious encounter around  Creative Pictured outlet ‘Nights Curacao’ Booklet full of useful info’s and it gave me encouraging and surprising energy.  And all is well for future.

Asyla ten Holt



Searching for a flight to Suriname is difficult in summer months.  You will hear  ‘All Full’ across the bureau of the Travel agencies including Mao Asam travel agency in Curacao. Yes via Miami full, via Trinidad and Tobago as well. ‘Let’s try this one- let’s try that’; so much patience! Until finally, hoping for the calling out ‘ got it’. Finally got closer on ‘the line’ while stretching the neck.  One message exalted above the rest of messages and resonated through all Full Flight Companies all together. Then the announcement, without hesitation.  “The Fly All Ways Suriname Company started a new schedule on the 25th flying Suriname – Curacao/ Curacao- Surinam. I thought silently and impatiently, ” Book then”.

It was my luck again on one of those days. Who could resist. And this flight starts on my wishful date, the  25th of June. That date is to be remembered. Starting off after checking in at the airport,  I checked out this new installed clean cabin and furniture.  There was no claim for the outside neither; It was  as good as measurable a standard airplane as usual the size that one will trust upon. Getting on board, the passengers were being guided and seated, all procedures in place.  After all hens on deck, precautions and taking off and high on air, the relaxing moment of peace went in charge.  After us taking care of head and feet, we got surprised with colorful packages snacks and beverage while flying high in the sly to get to Suriname.

A few weeks of stay and having a great time and enjoying occupying with my Arts obligations and presenting my New release Prose Book in a come together, time had arrived  to fly again with Fly-All-Ways.  Too soon but  time to go HOME. Much to my surprise a big crowd were there, aligned to check in. Who are they and looking so familiar ? Coming closer it was nothing more than youngsters and leaders from the Bonaire Karate Club to my surprise.  They’d visited Suriname for a 3 days Karate competition event. These Bonaire kids in their outfit got my blushing attention cause I knew most their parents through my peddling back and forth from Curacao to Bonaire in the 80’s and 90’s. Catching their smiling faces and family names, I kept asking to  

more releasing news.  While standing in the queue, waiting to check in I came to know how many medals they ended up with and of course a GOLD CUP. 15 medals and One Gold Cup and greatly Happy for the Group and Bonaire Karate Club.

Running to another queue while waving goodbye to this group I bumped into other groups that competed as well.


Some chit started with the group from Trinidad and Tobago. So, I said carefully. ‘I saw the Bonaire group,  how much yours in medals and cups’. ‘More than 10 and one bigger Gold Cup, in total 7. And second place’. Who is the number one, I asked? SURINAM. Oh Fantastic, I cried out loud, still answering quickly, ‘you of course second. ‘And Curacao Third and Bonaire 4th’ place’.  So Trinidad and Tobago the big Second’; ‘Congratulations’.

This in swift of time, I wondered instantly at how I got inspired by this country Suriname;  In total 4 times coming here. First for Carifesta in 2013 for Folklore, Visual Arts and Literature Group, then Javanese Batik studies at Sana Budaya Center 2014 and Creole African design studies afterwards and meeting Sculpture Artists inclusive organizational skills with Surinamese Art centers 2015 where I reviewed both encounters.  I enjoyed the heavy rain falls every year I’ve been there. And after a morning rain, a lovely sun came up. GOOD food ! Also I’m loving the Sranan language. So I promised I will get through this language at 4th encounter launching a new book like now what I did being here. 

On board a total quietness again. Every one caught up in their own world for a total relaxation. Everyone seemed  tired but satisfied. The flight was like cool-aid restful with refreshment and snacks.        


Ahh, TOO LATE for a snapshot..  Coming at airport a crowd waiting outside with a big applaud.  Pabien Korsou     and also for Suriname for big accomplishment.

Asyla ten Holt




The drag of endless trying out,
protect and maintain the rights of the child
in a constant violation with little conviction.

One shoved a vote to maintain the rights – beat off another representative in exile. Defended itself into other’s eyes by so filed a damage to the rights of that child.

With Law that protects — must we be in constant fear, an official representative act showing disrespect! Important leader exposing childish act! A hilarious kind of power, different color, and the child

endlessly waiting.

A. Holt

Funark-Bio Asyla Holt& Book Launch

Funark (non-profit) Foundation initially started in 1987 – founded by me as a working  visual artist-author Asyla ten Holt living on the North coast of Curacao island in Dutch Caribbean – to put  Arts, Writings and Performing Arts more on the foreground.  First encounter was dedication to programs with interviewing Artists from all grounds living in the Antilles and write articles in Dutch and Papiamentu-newspapers. Afterwards the interest grew in self organizing Solo and Group- Exhibitions inclusive informative Poetry booklets. Then came along the idea for giving workshops and furthermore outdoors trips reviews and happenings. So big part of the Netherlands Antilles were getting atention, now 3 Autonomous islands next to 3 Provinces of Netherlands.


Recently Funark Foundation was exploring the ocassion to activate again from being dorment for a while. Intention is now to  to acquire for new options by ways of gathering sponsored materials for workshops in ‘Stretching an Art therapies’ and in attending outdoors Art-Cultural In-Residency projects.  First a Fund Campaign for Launching a New book and Monograph Exhibit was attended. It concerned Prose writings in full color illustrative outlook called ‘ Enliven Emotions’. (AuthorHouse), with online sale-options like Amazon etc. A second Prose writing tends to be ready for 2018.


Asyla ten Holt- a Visual Artist/Author promotes herself indoors and online. A selection of Mix -paintings in Conceptual and Expressive Art plus Monographs can be admired in her countryside of Bandabou-Curacao in area of Tera Kora inclusive on Google search-net.  Her aspiration as an observer is linked with her Cultural Society and she tries to connect with distinctive issues and judgments that ultimately will lead to attract in Asyla’s Art.  The addressing issues are focussed on mental transformation at drawing narrative aspects from a complex Contemporary Culture. To proceed, her driving force will enhance the value as citizen-artist in Dutch-Caribbean and she’ll carry on creating narratives and keep busy as self supported woman.

The first significant prose-book publishing (former publishing were rhythmic poetry booklets and illustration works presented in Solo-Art exhibitions), became opportunity to lay down islands’ vulnerable confronting issues into Titles, humorously expressed. The moods from both lower- and upper trends of individual-living and nature-preservatives are extracted in a segregated manner to questioning surviving aspects, struggle with emancipation and criticize corruptible functions, while at other end the feel for extraordinary comfort in nature. Choice is also the keeping distance from what’s daily going on social-politically on drilling arguments and live confortably. The colonial identity expresses itself in constant urging sentiment. But likewise though an intermezzo every ethnic group urges into nature to feeling free and release stress..

Ultimately Asyla’s Visual Arts and Prose writings will favor for being part of societies’ development and she seeks voluptuously offered choices– even if seems difficult in a strong ethnic mingled and diverse culture hungering for the same ? But Everyone Belongs.

author-asyla-holt  By ways of travel (Europe-USA-Caribbean) is launching – linked with Authors’ Funark Foundation’s existence promoting Arts/Culture. It will direct to the interest of collective traditional heritage groups in societies.  The Cover ‘Enliven Emotions’ with colored images, is focused on example of the ‘strength of the women’, as well ‘Settled heritage’ and ‘Political tradition toward somewhat gained then disrupted currency on societies’ Emancipation’. Finally the ‘Nostalgia’s overwhelm and excite of culture and nature’, but also the traditional flair like so called ‘the drum’ within Black community. Then the climax running down in peace.

The 36 pagesEnliven Emotions’ inclusive images of photo’s and paintings can be ordered at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles,  Goodreads  and Publisher Author House-England and USA/UK and in Curacao at Bruna-bookstore-ZuikertuintjeMall. This Prose-book was possible through Grant from Prins Bernhard Funds for Dutch Caribbean.  

A 2017  launching the book  traveled so far to Surinam (Polished here), Bonaire (with Engraved design Launch) and Holland – Curacao House. ( see http://www.asylaholt.com and web-page ‘I am made in Curacao’-Asyla ten Holt).  2018 awaits a second Prose writing and intention of an Auction Asyla’s Retrospective Arts.  For Appointment  0-5999-5268813 (app) and info  http://www.asylaholt.com or atenholt002@gmail.com